Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Come Visit Our New Personal Training Studio!

A Studio Dedicated to Personal Training in Chevy Chase

Using the latest technology and research to get results designed just for you!

Fitness is a science of human movement and we can break it all down to foundational movements to improve walking, running, playing sports, or just staying healthy. We use your data to build a safe, effective, and fun fitness program you will WANT to come back for regularly.

Our address is 4445 Willard Ave Chevy Chase, MD Call or Text 240-270-8350

All of our individually designed fitness programs include a total body analysis, meal planning and accountability chart. 

We want to help you reach your goals, and so we are offering an introductory New Year's Special to get started off right!

Don't feel lost in the workout room!
Work with one of our certified personal trainers to build a program for use at our studio or at home.

All of our sessions are half-hour. I explain the science behind this in another post.
To get you jump started this winter, we have the following offers!

Grand Opening Discounted Pricing

Individual Sessions 30% less than competition

Winter Jump Start!
8 Sessions 5% off our discounted rate

Frosty Workout Plan:
16 Sessions 10% off our discounted rate

Spring Back (Takes you Through to Spring):
24 Sessions 15% off our discounted rate

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  1. Thanks for sharing great information with us.

    Whether you want to develop your physique, lose weight, improve your strength and fitness, build muscle, improve your nutrition habits or just get fit for everyday life our team of highly experienced and qualified ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINERS can help you reach your goals.