Tuesday, September 17, 2019

I Want a Personal Trainer Near Me, But What About That Big, Fancy Gym?

95% Of Gym Members Never Go 
Have You Ever Considered Keeping The Membership Cost?

Large gyms literally cater to people who won't actually use the facility very often. If you look at the membership roster, you could see 1,000 members at the gym in which you are currently enrolled. How often do you see one hundred people there? Or fifty people? It would be a crowded mess. All the machines would be full, because there's only about 20-30 of them. More than three people in the weight lifting area? A disaster!

What exactly are you paying for?
Large gyms exist because people like the idea of going there, without actually going. It would be cheaper to pay for the drop in rate, but it's a better deal if you join and go at least twice a month. That just doesn't happen. Why? Because big gyms are betting on you NOT to actually come there. They couldn't handle having even one-tenth of their members on site. So you're subsidizing the experience of a very small group of people

What is my goal in belonging to a fitness facility?
This is something only you can answer. I would hope that the answer is something close to: "I have my best interests in mind, and being in good health and feeling well is a priority of mine." Sometimes, making time for our priorities is difficult. That's when getting coaching can be important because another person can look at your schedule objectively and say "we can fit exercise into your schedule here."

Why should I need a personal trainer near me?
Have you ever seen someone drive out of their way to get coffee? Or a meal? Convenience is the cornerstone of much of our decision making. Especially if we want to include something into our life on a regular basis, it has to work with some convenience into your schedule. Your personal trainer near you, close to home or work, is a great way to stay committed to the coaching you'll receive from a personal trainer.

Do I need accountability and my own space?
Accountability means that you are taking charge of an aspect of your life. That sense of ownership can make you feel accomplished because you made it yourself. Owning your health and wellness is in your best interest, and taking control of your space gives you pride and satisfaction that you have met your goals.

Does a private training studio save me money?
Absolutely! We're not out here to impress you with big machines and fancy locker rooms. We're here to help you on a personal level, with something meaningful every time you come in for a session. Whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness, our programming is designed with you in mind. People are different, and their programs should work for them.

Can I try it out to see if I like it?
Definitely! Give us a call at 240-630-0298 or send a text to schedule a free initial session.
Book online at https://walls-fitness.youcanbook.me/

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Common weight loss struggles - changes for success

A common issue facing many exercisers is that, even after having committed to a regimen of nutrition and exercise, the goals of weight loss and muscle gain just aren't lining up. You'll ask "why am I not losing weight?" and the answers seem elusive. If you have a wellness coach or a trainer whom can coach you, then talk to him or her about the issue. Just remember that this process is challenging and it's not your fault if its not working immediately.
Here's a few possible things to consider:
Talk to your coach or trainer. Share your concerns.

  • Adjust the meal planning - your meals may be leaving you hungry, and that's a recipe for disaster. Review your meal plan with your coach to see if there's adequate protein, fat, or hydration in your plan
  • Exercising too often or too hard - completing a challenging routine may make you feel accomplished, but if your metabolic rate is getting too high, then your body will signal the need to consume more food for energy. Start with monitoring your heart rate to stay in the 60-80% zone of heart rate reserve.
  • Anxiety or Stress - Stress fires up the adrenal glands, which increases our cortisol levels in the body. The excitement and elevated heart rate call out for something to help calm the body down. Eating is one of those things triggered to lower cortisol levels. You know what can help? Dark chocolate. It can raise serotonin levels to help you relax and possibly sleep better too.
  • Medications -  talk to your coach about your medications again. It may be time to schedule another appointment to talk to your doctor if weight gain is a side effect of a prescribed medication. 
In all of these situations, try to share with your coach or trainer what's bothering you. Try to come up with a plan that works better for you. The best plans are ones that you enjoy completing and feel like you are a part of the process. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Four Tips for Improving Your Health and Fitness

Four Tips for Improving Your Health and Fitness

Idea #1 See What's For Sale This Week!

You can see for yourself what Amazon is offering this week to help get you going, like a new set of Bluetooth headphones or a device to help improve your crunches

Idea #2 Put "Going for a walk" on your calendar

Once it's on there, then you can invite friends and co-workers to join you. Studies have shown conclusively that most fitness programs and pain relief starts with getting up and walking for 15-30 minutes at a comfortable pace.

Idea #3 Plan Ahead For Every Meal

Schedule your meals, or at least get an idea of what they should look like. Make sure that your meals have a fist size serving of protein, and a large bowl size of vegetables. Having at least these two features can make sure that you get enough good fuel into your body.

Idea #4 Try reducing stress in green spaces

Going for a walk in the forest or spending time enjoying a garden was recently studied, and showed that it can help reduce stress and levels of anxiety. Reducing stress is a great way to help with your wellness and reduce chances of heart and lung problems.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Celebrate the New Year and the Same You!

Celebrating yourself makes effecting change easier

A recent article discussed the negative effects of denying who you are at the beginning of the year. 
"New Year, New You" has been a common message in the fitness and body building community for several years. However, I agree with the author cited above, that we need to be more accepting of who we are and of how we look instead of aspiring to something outside of ourselves.

For this year, or even really this week, if you are considering a fitness program, just know that change is really, really difficult. That's why we're here to help you. There's no mythic body type to which you must aspire. We believe that fitness and healthy eating is a smart decision with which we want to help you. We'll do that by accepting that getting a workout into your routine can be difficult, but we're here to support that change.
Self-acceptance means looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you love you for who you are, but there's something you'd like to try differently than what you are used to doing. And it's ok to try new things to see if you like them.

Our fitness programs use data and information from your interview to help create a program that you'll want to try and to stick with it. If there's something you don't like, share it and we can work around it. We're here to facilitate success and give you a product that you'll enjoy. It'll be something you'll look forward to on the schedule. We'll look forward to seeing you!

WHETHER your goal is weight loss, more energy, improved health, better eating, help with choosing healthy meals, or just want to demystify the exercise routine and experience, we can assist with creating that supportive workout environment.
Give us a call or send a text at 240-270-8350 to schedule a free consultation or to register for our free class, Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm until 6:00 pm