Friday, January 11, 2019

Celebrate the New Year and the Same You!

Celebrating yourself makes effecting change easier

A recent article discussed the negative effects of denying who you are at the beginning of the year. 
"New Year, New You" has been a common message in the fitness and body building community for several years. However, I agree with the author cited above, that we need to be more accepting of who we are and of how we look instead of aspiring to something outside of ourselves.

For this year, or even really this week, if you are considering a fitness program, just know that change is really, really difficult. That's why we're here to help you. There's no mythic body type to which you must aspire. We believe that fitness and healthy eating is a smart decision with which we want to help you. We'll do that by accepting that getting a workout into your routine can be difficult, but we're here to support that change.
Self-acceptance means looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you love you for who you are, but there's something you'd like to try differently than what you are used to doing. And it's ok to try new things to see if you like them.

Our fitness programs use data and information from your interview to help create a program that you'll want to try and to stick with it. If there's something you don't like, share it and we can work around it. We're here to facilitate success and give you a product that you'll enjoy. It'll be something you'll look forward to on the schedule. We'll look forward to seeing you!

WHETHER your goal is weight loss, more energy, improved health, better eating, help with choosing healthy meals, or just want to demystify the exercise routine and experience, we can assist with creating that supportive workout environment.
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